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About Smile Facelifts

Before visiting a plastic surgeon to learn about procedures that correct signs of aging, like sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, skin folds, and falling contours, schedule a consultation with board-certified cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stacie Calian, to learn more about smile facelifts. Using nonsurgical dental procedures, Dr. Calian can help her patients in Mount Kisco, NY adjust their dental arches and correct over, under, and cross bites to build and support the facial muscles. A smile facelift can also improve the proportions of the face and define the cheek and jaw bones. Many patients may consider combining a smile facelift with a smile makeover to rejuvenate their face, and the appearance of their smile with whitening, veneers, and/or teeth straightening.

What to Expect

Since each smile facelift is unique to the patient’s needs and goals, the dentist will go over the exact procedure during the initial consultation. Some smile facelifts can be completed in 1 visit, but others may need several visits over the course of a few weeks. A smile facelift may include reshaping the teeth, correcting an under bite, improving an open bite, altering an overbite, and more.

Treatment Aftercare

Patients should continue to visit their dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings as well as other treatments that may be needed to maintain their oral health. A good home oral care routine, including proper brushing and flossing, will help the results of their smile facelift last longer. While the corrections made during a smile facelift are permanent, natural aging will continue to occur.

Anticipated Costs

The cost of a smile facelift will vary greatly depending on what procedures are used and how many areas are treated. The dentist will go over cost estimates during the initial consultation as well as payment and financing options. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, smile facelifts are usually not covered by insurance.

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Beautiful Smile, Younger Face

By correcting your bite and arches, you can not only improve your smile, but also take years off your appearance by optimizing your bite and jaw position. Talk to Dr. Calian about how a smile facelift can correct signs of aging, improve your smile, and give your face better proportions and symmetry.

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