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About Dental Cleanings

To maintain optimal dental health, professional dental cleanings should be performed about twice a year. Dr. Stacie Calian, a board-certified cosmetic and general dentist, highly recommends that patients in the Lower Hudson Valley around Mount Kisco undergo a professional cleaning at Smile Design Dental Spa at least every 6 months. Professional dental cleanings protect against infection, cavities, tooth decay, and other oral health problems by removing built up tartar and plaque before polishing the teeth to remove surface stains. To ensure that teeth remain strong, healthy, and clean, professional dental cleanings at Smile Design Dental Spa with Dr. Stacie Calian can help improve the function of your teeth and the beauty of your smile.

What to Expect

Dental cleanings usually start with an examination of the patient’s teeth. During the examination, the dentist will look for any signs of damage, cavities, or decay. The patient’s teeth are cleaned to remove any plaque and tartar buildup, followed by a deep cleaning and polish with professional dental tools. Patient will have the opportunity to discuss the health status of their teeth with their dentist, as well as discuss home dental health suggestions.

Treatment Aftercare

After receiving cleaning services at the dentist, patients should maintain optimal oral hygiene using the recommendations provided by the office during their treatment. Patients should brush their teeth twice a day, use mouthwash, and floss. If given special instructions or items to use by or office, such as specific mouthwash or toothpaste, patients should follow the directions given and schedule an appointment for follow-up.

Anticipated Costs

Considered a form of preventative health care, most insurance companies cover some, if not all of the cost of a routine cleaning. Our office will check with the patient’s insurance policy before sending a bill to the patient of any remaining payment due. The overall cost for a cleaning varies among dental practices, and is also determined based on the condition of the patient’s teeth. If covering the cost out of pocket, patients should expect to pay between $50 – $135.

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Schedule your dental cleaning at Smile Design Dental Spa today. Dr. Stacie Calian’s top priority is ensuring that each patient has a healthy smile they can be proud of and can show off. Contact our front office to schedule your dental cleaning. We look forward to seeing you in our chair soon.

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