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About Home Acceleration

To speed teeth straightening with orthodontics or clear teeth aligners like Invisalign by up to 50%, AcceleDent Aura and Propel are prescription devices that gently and safely increase tooth movement. AcceleDent Aura is a hands-free device that uses SoftPulse Technology® to gently accelerate the movement of teeth when combined with orthodontics. Patients use the Aura or Propel device for only 20 minutes every day to make the teeth straighter and also reduce discomfort (particularly after adjustments to cosmetic braces, or when using a new aligners). Cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Stacie Calian helps Smile Design Dental Spa patients in Mt. Kisco, NY get out of their orthodontics faster with AcceleDent Aura or Propel home device.

What to Expect

Patients should use the AcceleDent Aura or Propel for 20 minutes every day to get their best results. The AcceleDent mouthpiece should be attached to the Activator and held in the mouth before being turned on. Patients should be able to hold the device in their mouth without using their hands. The device will tell the patient when they have reached the halfway point (10 minutes) and turn off automatically after 20 minutes. Patients should not use their device for longer than 20 minutes.

Treatment Aftercare

Patients can check their progress with the FastTrac Usage Report by plugging the USB of the AcceleDent Aura in their computer. This will tell the patient and dentist how often, how long, and more information on the patient’s use. Patients can clean the mouthpiece in between uses by removing it from the Activator and rinsing the mouthpiece in tap water. The Activator should be kept charged when not in use and kept away from water and moisture.

Anticipated Costs

The AcceleDent Aura  and Propel cost around $2,000 – $6,000 for the device, and it is generally not covered by dental insurance. Patients should ask their dentist about financing or payment plans that can make the device more affordable.

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To get through your teeth straightening treatment faster, ask Dr. Stacie Calian about AcceleDent Aura or Propel to speed teeth movement. Only 20 minutes a day can mean up to 50% less time with cosmetic braces or clear teeth aligners.

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