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About Microperforation

For patients who want to see faster results from their orthodontic treatment, microperforation acceleration by PROPEL Orthodontics helps the body move the teeth faster. Micro-osteoperforation in the gums and bone created by the PROPEL create inflammation, which increases blood flow, accelerates tooth movement during orthodontic treatments. PROPEL works along with other teeth straightening treatments, including clear teeth aligners, like Invisalign and ClearCorrect, as well as cosmetic braces, like FastBraces and 6 Month Smiles. Board-certified cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Stacie Calian offers microperforation accelerated orthodontics with PROPEL for her Smile Design Dental Spa patients in Mt. Kisco, NY to reduce orthodontic treatment time.

What to Expect

Before the treatment, the dentist will manually palpate and inspect the patient’s mouth, and take digital X-rays to determine where the microperforations will be placed and the best depth for each area. Accelerated orthodontic therapy is usually performed in the dentist’s office with local anesthesia on the areas being treated. Our practice also offers DentalVibe® vibration technology to allow for minimized pain during oral injections. Once the patient is prepped, the dentist will open the single-use PROPEL device and set the device to the correct depth for the first area before placing 1 – 3 microperforations in the gum line. The depth will be adjusted as needed for the different areas until the dentist has completed the treatment.

Treatment Aftercare

After the treatment, there may be some bleeding from the microperforations, but this is usually stopped by holding a guaze pad to the area for 30 seconds. Patients may only need one treatment, but some patients will need to return in 6 – 8 weeks to have another microperforation procedure. Patients should continue to visit the dentist for their regular dental exams and cleanings as well as any appointments for regular orthodontic care.

Anticipated Costs

Microperforation treatments to accelerate orthodontic treatments with PROPEL Orthodontics can cost from $2,000 –$6,000 per treatment depending on the amount of treatment needed. Some patients may need multiple treatments to get their best results. Since accelerated orthodontic treatments are not usually covered by insurance, the dentist may offer financing plans.

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Speedier Teeth Straightening

Even with all the advances in modern orthodontics, a shorter treatment time is better, which is why Smile Design Dental Spa offers microperforation with PROPEL to complement clear teeth aligners or cosmetic braces. Patients can ask Dr. Stacie Calian about how microperforation accelerated orthodontics can help get their teeth in proper alignment in less time.

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